00137568Liz Loughlin is the mother of two college aged sons, and a partner in a litigation firm based in New York City. When not writing, Liz enjoys hiking, cooking and attending concerts. She and her family split their time between Brooklyn and Woodstock, New York.

As a Brooklyn, New York native, Liz grew up having friends of every race, religion and socioeconomic background. While Fall Into You and The Good Stuff  are primarily a love stories, she hopes that her message that character and integrity matter more than any label or status comes through.

For information on her inspiration and upcoming releases, please follow her on twitter @LLoughlinAuthor. She is happy to come out to book club discussions about Fall Into You and The Good Stuff in the New York area, and feels lucky to have opportunities to get reader feedback. If you would like to contact Liz, directly her email is lizloughlin12498@gmail.com.